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Cold calling is Alive and Well

Having your sales team cold call is a waste of resources, time, and money. Let our Hunters fill their calendars with qualified appointments and grow your business.

69% of buyers report that they accepted one or more cold calls from sales representatives within the past year.

Itnormally takes 8 - 12 Touchesto reach a potential Prospect

TheAverage Inside Salesperson Dials 45x a Day, while the Average Artemis Hunter will dial 125 numbers in a day.

57%of C-level executives prefer being cold-called by phone,compared to 51% of directors and 47% of managers.

A Solution For All Your Needs

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Market Research

Gather business data and buying signals for your marketing needs.

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Customer Engagement

Find out what people really think, measure and improve customer experience.

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Stop wasting time and money by having your Salespeople cold call for appointments and have Artemis Hunters fill your calendars.

  • Integration

    Our hunting system will integrate directly with your CRM allowing you to receive all the data, notes, updates, and other pertinent information from your Hunters efforts. Which keeps your Database updated with all our efforts.

  • Appointment Setting

    We are all good at something well we are good at Cold Calling and Appointment Setting. Your Salespeople are good at selling your services. Let’s all do what we do best!!

  • Event Support and Other Initiatives

    We can help promote your event, boost your registration, Clean Data, and so much more.

  • Affordable

    We have some of the best pricing in the channel for appointment setting along with the strongest results for our Partners. We don’t need long term contracts because we do what we say we will do every time and every partner.